Let’s talk about rules. Let’s talk about how to bend and break their formulaic ways and discover a far more interesting world without them. Let’s eat pudding for dinner and find a smarter way to get from here to there. Let’s ride a bike. A beautiful bike that’ll have you humming the '80 s power ballad stuck in your head. A bike that’ll get you off the beaten path of convention and take you down interesting streets only a real bike can. A bike designed —from bolts to bars— for those who love to ride. A bike called Electra.

Let’s start by forgetting the rigid rules of bike conduct, that stuffy l in go and what not. Electra knows that language well, but doesn’t want to bore you with it. In fact, after seventeen years of building bikes, we know how to keep riders happy. It starts with designing insanely comfortable bikes, engineered with as much performance. This year, our family of bikes—Cruiser, Townie, Amsterdam, and Kids’ bikes—has expanded to include the chic Ticino.

Electra bikes’ striking paint jobs and gawk-worthy curves are paid off with equally impressive engineering. In the driver’s seat, the ride is smooth and responsive, a testament to our constant innovation. You look good, you ride good, and who knew—you’re also doing good.

Same goes for the people on these pages and the Electra bikes they ride. All are symbolic of a larger message, one that resonates in today’s over-fueled, soul-finding, green-seeking, purpose-hungry world. Ride a bike and build a stronger you, a healthier world, a cleaner space for everyone.

At Electra we’re all about maintaining that momentum. Let’s break bland status quo, keep building better bikes and demanding more bike paths. Let’s create the next best ride. Let’s start new journeys, every single day.

The Electra Way to Roll.